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Field to Fork (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)


While visiting our friend John at Kinnikinnick Farm yesterday (more to come on that visit), the farmers recommended Stefano Viglietti's family of Italian restaurants in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. When we mentioned Stefano's to our friend Chris, who's hosting us in Sheboygan, his eyes lit up. Apparently, Stefano has quite a following in the area, with one of only a handful of U.S. restaurants certified by a Neopolitan pizza organization from Italy. We made the pilgrimage downtown to Field to Fork, the little grocery attached to the restaurants, to pick up some fresh, crusty bread to go with the lasagna Amy made for dinner and also grabbed some local chocolate milk and lady finger popcorn as treats. Field to Fork is one of those "I'll take one of everything" kinds of places with a delightful blend of international gourmet goods and locally-produced, organic goods like milk, cheese, produce and preserves. It reminds me of the importance of holding mindfulness of those who are hungry in tension with the abundance present in the creative, aesthetic delight of really good good.


Next time you are up this way, be sure to try the pizza at the connecting restaurant, Il Ritrovo - absolutely fantastic!

Oh, man--we heard about it, but ran out of time! Thanks for the suggestion, Krista. We'll definitely be back!

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