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The Eat Well Food Tour is back in local mode for now, as Rob and I are in Michigan catching up on things after two intense weeks on the road. We're in the process of getting Michigan and Ontario dates on the calendar and will post new events as soon as they're confirmed. In the meantime, enjoy the delights of the summer harvest. It's blueberry season here!

Communications are flying about the Midwestern U.S. as we make connections and firm up dates and locations for the Eat Well Food Tour.  Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Demotte, Indiana has agreed to host the first Food & Storytelling workshop of the tour.  Thanks for your interest and help, Pastor Rick!  We look forward to teaching and learning in the rural farming community of Demotte.  If you live in or near Demotte, we'd love to see you there.  We can also use all the help we can get for promoting this event, which is coming up in less than two weeks, so check out our promotion page for ideas.  We're on our way!