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Meet the tour team

Kate Kooyman is Congregational Justice Mobilizer for the CRC, a joint project of CRWRC and the Office of Social Justice which seeks to provide the materials, support, and encouragement churches need to become voices for justice in the US. She recently graduated from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI, with a Master of Divinity. She is passionate about helping churches discover God's call to justice and respond as the hands and feet of Christ. She also loves her dog, Harper and her husband, Erek, though not necessarily in that order.

Meghan Kraley is the Communications Coordinator for the CRC Office of Social Justice. She produces most of the online and multimedia content for OSJ, and is the 'voice behind the curtain' on its Twitter and Facebook accounts. Meghan is passionate about creative new endeavors like the Eat Well Food Tour, and can't wait to see what new twists and turns result from this collaborative effort.

Rob & Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma are co-founders of the non-profit organization *culture is not optional. They formed *cino in 2001 when they realized that others shared their post-college sense of isolation and desire to keep learning in community how to live faithfully in the everyday stuff of life. *cino's work has extended to a bi-weekly online magazine called catapult, the biennial Practicing Resurrection conference, a quarterly print publication called road journal and a growing series of topical books that includes Eat Well: A Food Road Map and Do Justice: A Justice Road Map. In addition to their work with *cino, Rob and Kirstin helped found a fair trade store in Three Rivers, Michigan, in 2003. Staffed entirely by volunteers, World Fare has grown into its purpose of networking a small town community to work for local and global justice. By way of tentmaking, Rob and Kirstin share a position at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, doing research, education and programming around discernment and popular culture, which includes organizing the Festival of Faith & Music. Rob & Kirstin refresh their spirits by biking, making music, camping, reading, cooking (and eating) prolifically and gathering combinations of wonderful people around tables and bonfires.

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